Deep River Ancient Muster Coming July 15 & 16

Each year in July thousands of people flock to the lower Connecticut River valley region to take in the annual Deep River Ancient Muster. This year, organizers of the muster say, will be no exception.
“Thousands and thousands of people come to Deep River every year," says Gina Sopneski, one of the popular event's organizers. "I don’t know how we fit them all – but we do. They literally come from all over the world – Switzerland, Sweden, Scotland – but of course the majority area from the U.S. But it’s a wonderful gathering of people from all walks of life.”
The muster this year will be held on July 15 and 16.
According to the Muster's official website “The Deep River Ancient Muster (DRAM) is an annual event in the town of Deep River...held the third weekend in July every year. Several thousand spectators travel to Deep River to watch over 70 fife and drum corps (more than 1500 marchers).” The sheer force of sound from thousands of ear-splitting fifes and booming drumbeats punches the air like a celestial target practice.
The Muster is a meeting of only “ancient” fife-and-drum corps (sometimes bagpipes also). It’s also a local tradition. Some 60 – 80 fife-and-drum corps gather to do a pre-parade “tattoo” on Friday night. On Saturday morning, the parade steps off on the corner of Kirtland and Main streets. On Sunday, more playing and competitions takes place on Devitt field (where the ancient musterers camp out).

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