Kirtland Street


In 1723, John, Nathaniel and Philip Kirtland built  the first homes in Deep River (The known as the Deep River section of Potapaug) on land given to them by their father, John Kirtland Sr. of Saybrooke proper. The Kirtland had lived in the area since at least 1686. The family hailed from England and arrived in what would become Long Island New York in 1642.  John Kirtland had inherited part of the land through a deed in 1711 from the sons of Lieutenant William Backus of Norwich. The other half of the land that John Kirtland owned in Deep River was given to him by his father-in-law   Lieutenant William Pratt in 1682. In 1799, R. Kirtland built a house overlooking he Connecticut River on or near what is today Kirtland Street. In 1830, the Eli and Thomas Denison Shipyard opened near the wharf on the river.  It was here that the completed the 84 ton sloop, Deep River   

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