around the school

                              The hall leading to the 2nd floor from the main stairs (I think)
 Look familiar? This is the main hall on the first floor. Straight ahead are the stairs that led to the upper and lower dorms.....get ready for this....they put in an elevator.... Father Mcdonalds dining room is to the right (I don't know what it is today)  The head prefects office is now the directors office. The floors were...what?...tile, I think. I'm fairly certain it wasn't wood. The tiny guest visitors rooms (They were on the right) have been relocated to the newer part of the building and the entrance to the rooms is now walled over. The boys signed out in those office on Sunday with a prefect who was on greeting duty.
These were the social workers offices, the social workers are now in the newer building and these are now admin offices 

                    The hall to the dining room looks exactly the same as it did in the 1960s

Mt. St. Johns is now a privately run organization and is no longer a Catholic organization although the Bishop is on the board of advisers. I don't know if mass is served here anymore. That god forsaken wooden rail is gone. I failed to lock it one time and an ancient nun chose that day to lean on it. Down she went. In 1969, we had a boys choir for the chapel.  

                      This was the third floor prefect you believe this? 

 Father Macdonald's office is now a storage, that's all I can
This was the lower dorm, the only thing left are the showers. The wood shop room is on the right. It was in the basement and was run by Mr.......I can't remember his name but I remember he taught about Duncan Fife furniture 

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  1. I can not believe what has been done to the upper and lower dorms and also to father macdonalds office, this is not what I had expected to see when I had visted the school the last time I was there. the only history that I can realy see of the old school is through old pictures, I am very heart broken to see how things have changed and not for the better at all. this does sadden me very much. if they wanted to make a real wood shop they could have taken the old wood shop and made it bigger instead of doing what they did to the lower dorm this was just a waste of money big time.