Chaplain at St. John's, Deep River, CT.


  1. I went to saintjohns school in 1955 I went there because I was almost deaf I really enjoyed going to school there. I had a friend skiba. In the winter we went slead riding summer we went home. in the fall. we would build tee pees they where huge, the bigger boys would help us the nuns were great. and at that age we had a lot of fun I will never forget st johns school and thats what it was called not mount stjohns hell it was just hill ha ha ha!

  2. I went to saintjohns in 1980 and stay'd until 1983 and it was not to long ago that I had heard that the school had closed and it had really saddened me to hear of this news, I do remember there was a time when the school was filled with all kinds of kids and all kinds of things going on. but from what I have seen of the place now it looks like a ghost town and that is not the school that I remember from my days there as a student, I am not really sure as to what happened to where things got to the point that the school closed, but for a lot of kids at one time it was a great place for a lot of kids that had no place to go and it was a place for a lot of kids to at least have someone to talk to and it also gave them something to do. when I was there they had a lot of great staff members that took really good care of all of us kids back then. I hope that someday that the school will reopen and go back to the way that it was when I was a student and help kids like it was set up to do when father macdonald was running the school. in my honest opinion and in my heart I feel that it can be the school that it once was again, we just need to get some help to get things up and running again and make father macdonald proud of his school. and show him that all of his hard work and sweat didn't go in vain for nothing.

  3. what I have said about mount saint johns I have spoken from the heart. I do care about this school and I have and I always will. it is my hope that someday mount saint johns will come back stronger than ever. I still believe in this school and I hope that the good lord does help return the school to it's former glory. I had gotten this message in a dream from the good lord him self and father macdonald as well. I am not crazy when I tell you this because I have a strong faith in god as well. and the message that father macdonald had told me was that now is the time to regroup and fix everything that has and is wrong with mount saint johns. now is the time to rebuild the school and put it back to the way that it was and make it work like a well oiled machine once again. when I was a student there it was a place that took kids in and gave them a place, a place to go, a place where it keep'd them off the street's and away from gang's and away from drugs. If there is even the slightest chance of getting this school renovated back to the way it was, I would be willing to help teach some of the kids small engine repair free of charge as my way of giving back. as long as the school is willing to help supply the small engines for me to help teach the young minds something that will stay with them for years to come, or I can show them how to do building apartment maintenance which I to am also well trained as well. I can also show them how to do janitorial as well. so I do have a few things to offer a few young minds that do go to this school. lets see if someone is willing to pick up the ball and run with it. if you would like to contact me please feel free, my e-mail is : I hope to hear from you soon

  4. I grew up in Saint Johns

    1. I attended Mount Saint Johns for 5yrs. I entered the school in 1960. Started the first Rock and Roll band called the Outlaws. Father McDonald was a great priest, tough, but fair. He baptized two of my children whom are now adults. My wife and I took a ride up to the school but there was no one around. I remember as an Alumni of Mount Saint Johns you could visit the school anytime and see Father McDonald and staff that were still there. I can honestly say that if I never went to the school I would have never ended up as successful as I did. The State of CT or the Dioceses of Norwich should bring this school back to life. There are boys out there that need the help that we had the opportunity to get. Kids today are in more need of this help with Gang violence, drugs, broken homes, and no proper guidance to help them with life skills for their future. There is a book written by John William Tuohy who attended Mount Saint Johns titled No Time to Say Goodbye. It's about growing up in foster care in most of his childhood and a few chapters are about Mount Saint Johns. There was a social worker that came to the school around 1964, Peter Marshall, he was so well liked by the boys everyone wanted to see him and not the other social workers. I can say his love and guidance came straight from his heart. I lived with his family for two years and Peter and his wife are Godparents to two of my kids. Mount Saint Johns was like a huge waterfall of love, compassion, and showing you that there is always hope with faith and the love of Jesus. I could go on forever about this school but for now God Bless you all.
      I have two jazz bands out of Ct if you are having a fundraiser contact me and I would be more that happy to donate our time.;